Become a Founding Resident of Praxis
As a Steel Visa holder, you will join a community of founders, creatives, and builders who intend to make Praxis their future home.

Praxis Steel Visa Application

Today, the Steel Visa is your entry point to the Praxis Community; a network of founders, creatives, and builders who set the cultural and economic foundations of the City.

Upon construction, we will have a dedicated visa program that is legally recognized within the broader immigration framework of our host-country, with the same residency benefits, including any associated treaties and unions. While the Visa's features are still under negotiation, the following points represent our targeted offerings:

Permanent Visa

Without Restriction

Tax Advantages

Claim Residency in Praxis

Land Ownership

Freehold Title

Path to Citizenship

In Selected host-country

Work Authorization

Simple Business registration

Family Included

Spouses, Children, and Parents