The City
Thousands of acres of Mediterranean canvas, a blueprint for innovation and sustainable economic growth

Revitalizing Urbanism

In collaboration with Pritzker-winning architects, we are developing a community-driven model for urban planning to realign the urban landscape with its ultimate stakeholder: the Resident. We are bringing health, technological progress, and cultural flourishing back to the city.


A tribute to Mediterranean cities of old. A walkable urban maze woven together at the heart of the city – encouraging chance encounters and the delight of uncharted discovery.

The public square meets the waterfront, framed to its rear by cafés, restaurants, and boutiques. Mixed-use blocks weave a dense fabric, providing all the essential functions of a vibrant coastal city. Flexible space is reserved for open-air markets and concerts. Smaller piazzas lie further inland; and beyond, a lush urban park.

Waterfront Districts

Seamlessly integrating land and sea, this panoramic waterfront pulses with energy throughout the week. An inviting coast with elegant beaches, piers, and boardwalks. World-class accommodations, elegant homes, and light-filled working spaces are first to receive the ocean breeze. Work meets play. Day gracefully yields to twilights lit by flaming lanterns, rather than harsh LEDs.

Primary Urban Fabric

The core of the city is a mixed-use patchwork of grids and courtyards, with terraces covering the rooftops. At the street level, a network of beautiful arcades and colonnades, reinterpreted for the contemporary age, provides ample shade. Land is sequestered into small parcels here, fostering a diverse and differentiated urban fabric. Grand, tree-lined avenues guide travelers though these neighborhoods; quaint alleys dotted with stalls and artisanal shops lace between them.

Research District

At the edge of town is a secluded quadrangle for deep work and collaborative problem-solving. A specialized hub which cultivates academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and pioneering research. Taking inspiration from the professional guilds of old, these premier institutions serve the city around them. Cutting-edge research facilities in life sciences, engineering, and computing coexist with a home for visiting fellows in the humanities. A catalyst for technological and intellectual advancement, for Praxis and beyond.

Secondary Urban Fabric

Layered blocks of tiered walkways, squares, and townhouses usher in a more expansive living zone for families. An unhurried atmosphere, interspersed with family-owned restaurants and schools championing holistic education.

Organically contoured blocks give each resident access to a shared garden, evoking the charm of London’s Notting Hill. This area is for walking and moments of pause, adorned with trees, quiet lawns, and soft materials underfoot: white gravel and compacted sands.

Tertiary Urban Fabric

Balancing action and repose, these areas deliver relaxed living at a remove from the thrum of downtown. Elegant villas stand along winding streets built into the hillside. Thoughtfully placed common spaces offer natural gathering points where neighborhoods merge. Serene galleries and cozy eateries dot the nooks and bends, infusing a small touch of bustle.


The city dissolves into a pastoral world of forests, farmland, and vineyards. The farms here are not just sources of sustenance, but immersive experiences. Tenants and residents complete the cultivation and harvesting of crops, the tending of livestock, and the nurturing of vineyards. Encounters with unspoiled rural life are crowned with true farm-to-table dining. The most exclusive residences nestle in perfect privacy within the pine groves, reachable only by trail. Hiking routes and alpine huts call the adventurous from the mountains beyond.