Cryopets is Building on Praxis

Cryopets will establish an on-site cryonics facility in Praxis

We are thrilled to announce Cryopets will establish their first international on-site cryonics facility in Praxis.

Cryopets is a deep tech longevity startup focused on solving the death problem. Their novel animal hospital and cryonics facility hybrid gives them the ability to perform lab-quality, whole-body cryopreservation of pets, with the ultimate goal of one day offering the same for humans. Cryopets’ revolutionary work in the field of life extension aligns with Praxis’ vision of extending humanity’s reach into eternity.

Cryopets will build and operate a cryonics facility in Praxis, allowing for cryopreservation of both human and pet patients as well as emergency standby, stabilization, and transportation (SST) services. This strategic positioning not only offers Cryopets a foothold in the EMEA market but also supports Praxis’ goal of becoming a global hub for cutting-edge scientific advancements.

Praxis and Cryopets operate with the shared mission of building a more vital future for humanity - now that future includes our four legged friends as well.

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Immediate benefits to Cryopets from Building on Praxis include support hiring talent and growing their customer base from the Praxis community. Longer term, Cryopets will benefit from the supportive regulatory frameworks of the Praxis Acceleration Zone and access to a world-class talent pool.

Kai Micah Mills, CEO and Founder of Cryopets: “The eternal city needs eternal residents. We’re proud to build on Praxis—this city can enable us to accelerate the advancement of technologies that have otherwise been ignored or forgotten. Technologies we need to save our very lives.”

Charlie Callinan, President & Co-Founder of Praxis: "Praxis was founded to build a future of human flourishing, to give our civilization the vitality and cohesion it needs not only to survive, but reach new heights. We’re proud to support Kai and his team at Cryopets towards furthering this mission.”

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