Prophetic is Building on Praxis

Qualia Factory to Be Established in Praxis Acceleration Zone

We are proud to announce Prophetic Inc. will establish its largest planned Qualia Factory in Praxis. Prophetic Inc. is a consumer non-invasive neurotech company that uses machine learning models and transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) to induce and stabilize lucid dreams. Prophetic’s exploration of human consciousness aligns deeply with Praxis’ interest in offering new ways of life, unlocking frontiers through science and technology, and accelerating the most ambitious projects on Earth.

The Qualia Factory will be a research facility focused on expanding the frontiers of dream research and neurotechnology development. Initial plans are for 50,000+ square-feet of office, warehouse, and state of the art neuroimaging lab. The Qualia Factory collects data via EEG/fMRI, trains ultrasonic transformer models, and reliably generates extraordinary states of consciousness. At the limit, novel research here can transform how we experience reality, and will grow the scientific community of Praxis.

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Immediate benefits to Prophetic from Building on Praxis include support hiring technical talent and fundraising from the Praxis community. Longer term, Prophetic will benefit from the supportive regulatory frameworks of the Praxis Acceleration Zone and access to a world-class talent pool.

Eric Wollberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Prophetic: "Praxis has been an invaluable partner in the development of Prophetic. The investor network was critical for our pre-seed. The city of Praxis offers humanity a new frontier to cultivate, so it was a natural fit for placing the Qualia Factory, which will be at the frontier of neurotech & consciousness research and development"

Dryden Brown, CEO of Praxis: "It’s hard to overstate the impact Prophetic’s research and technology might have on humanity. Everything cashes out in conscious experience, and understanding the mechanics of consciousness is vastly underexplored. We are excited to play a small part in accelerating this effort through our collaboration with Prophetic.”

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