Praxis Newsletter
September 5, 2023

Praxis Newsletter

Praxis Residency

As Praxis has quietly hit milestones with potential host governments, formed key strategic partnerships, and built a leadership team with a track record of city building, we have invited members of our community to secure their spot in the city by becoming Founding Residents.

Founding Residents are granted the right to acquire a home in the city and enjoy exclusive events and retreats around the world. Becoming a Resident is an opportunity to help shape the city and realize a vital way of life in the near future. The process begins with a short application, which we are making public:

Apply Here

Upcoming Events

While most events are exclusively accessible to Praxis Residents, some are open to the general public. Register below for one of our upcoming events:

Recent Commentary

Astral Codex Ten - Scott Alexander: "But the other half of the paradox is the constant rumors that they’re competent and have some kind of good plan...

In 2021, they raised $4 million in a seed round from well-regarded venture capitalists whose investments usually make money. In 2022 they raised another $15 million in a Series A round... What’s the strategy that both involves both Milady Raves and lots of competent people agreeing you’re a good investment?...

Elon Musk has an aura of destiny because he succeeded at his first several companies. Dryden Brown of Praxis Society, lacking a Paypal Mafia to join, is trying to hack together an aura of destiny out of raves and angel-related videos. So far it seems to be going pretty okay."

The Tim Dillon Show:"They raised a lot of money and wanted to find a part of the world to build their vision... At Art Basel, you'd hear, 'city-building startup Praxis secures 15 million in Series A funding. Let's see where this goes'... The point of Praxis was, people used to live where they worked, but now if a lot of work is digital, they don't have to. You could choose where to live based on the shared values of the people you lived with... I'm not fully convinced this is ever going to happen, but I’m just saying, maybe it will."

Thank you for your support throughout the past year.

Stay tuned for biweekly updates on the city and the community.