ShogAI is Building on Praxis

ShogAI will establish their HQ in the Praxis Acceleration Zone

We are proud to announce ShogAI will establish their HQ in Praxis.

ShogAI is the organization behind Shoggoth, a peer-to-peer, anonymous network for publishing and distributing open-source AI. ShogAI’s commitment to accelerating human flourishing through free and open access to AI aligns closely with the ethos of Praxis Acceleration Zones. Our immediate collaboration will be centered around advocating for open source AI.

Shoggoth aims to empower software developers to create and distribute AI, without centralized hosting services or platforms. Free and open access to technologies is crucial to Praxis and ShogAI’s shared mission to accelerate human civilization.

Netrunner KD6-3.7, Founder of ShogAI: "Our decision to establish our headquarters in Praxis is a testament to our shared vision of democratizing AI and fostering innovation without constraints. Together, we will usher in a new era of technological advancement and empowerment for all. ACCELERATE!"

Dryden Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Praxis: "We’re excited to partner with ShogAI to unlock a superabundant future for humanity by opening access to superintelligence.

Build on Praxis
Praxis building new cities to support those solving the world's hardest problems. The Build on Praxis initiative enables businesses, research groups, and other organizations to benefit from the Praxis Community now, gaining access to hiring and fundraising networks, strategic government and market entry support, and the ability to shape the development of Praxis Acceleration Zones as pre-registered entities.

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