Praxis Partners with Superteam

Praxis Partners with Superteam to Empower Solana Founders in New Crypto-Friendly Economic Zone

20 March 2024 – Dubai, UAE — In a collaboration designed to fuel innovation in the crypto ecosystem, Praxis is partnering with Superteam, the leading community for Web3 development on the Solana blockchain. This partnership aims to create opportunities for Solana founders by providing them access to the soon-to-be established Crypto-friendly Acceleration Zone created by Praxis.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of creating a supportive ecosystem for digital asset innovators. By leveraging Praxis’s visionary approach to building communities based on liberty and entrepreneurship, and combining it with Superteam's expertise in fostering Web3 development, this alliance is set to revolutionize the way Solana projects are conceived, developed, and launched.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

Access to Crypto-Friendly Acceleration Zone: Solana founders will gain unprecedented access to Praxis's Crypto-friendly economic zone, offering a regulatory-friendly environment that supports the rapid growth and scalability of blockchain projects.

Resource and Knowledge Sharing: The partnership will facilitate the exchange of resources, knowledge, and expertise between the two communities, aiming to accelerate innovation and remove barriers to entry for new projects on the Solana blockchain.

Community and Network Expansion: Members of both Praxis and Superteam will benefit from an expanded network of like-minded entrepreneurs, developers, and investors, further enhancing the collaborative potential and reach of their projects.

The leaders of both Praxis and Superteam have expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership. "By joining forces with Superteam, we're not just bridging two communities; we're setting the foundation for a future where the potential of blockchain can be fully realized in an innovative legal and regulatory environment," said Dryden Brown, CEO & Co-Founder of Praxis.

Alex Scott from Superteam shared, "This collaboration with Praxis opens a new chapter for Solana founders. Access to a crypto-friendly economic zone specifically designed to cater to the needs of blockchain entrepreneurs is a game-changer."

About Praxis:
Praxis is the first internet-native nation, currently working on building a new city. Their Citizenry spans 75+ countries and includes thousands of pioneers in industry, sciences, government, and culture. Backers include Paradigm, Bedrock, Sam Altman, Balaji Srinivasan, and Fred Ehrsam. With its Crypto-friendly Acceleration Zones initiative, Praxis is pioneering new ways to support and accelerate the growth of digital assets and blockchain technology.

About Superteam:
Superteam is at the forefront of Web3 development, specifically within the Solana ecosystem. It is a community-driven platform that connects talented developers, designers, and creators with opportunities to build and contribute to leading-edge projects, driving growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency space.